Monday, June 13, 2011

heat schedule championship parade for tuesday, plan to celebrate their second round victory over boston

the heat have scheduled their championship victory parade for tuesday afternoon in downtown miami.  sources inside the organization say they will be celebrating the defeat of the boston celtics in the eastern conference semifinals, and they are counting on their loyal fans to come out and show their support.  when asked if he thought the parade was a good idea, chris bosh said "hell yeah!  we had a championship party before the season started, so why shouldn't we have one now that it's over?"  dwyane wade added "i lost to the celtics in the first round last year, so beating them in the second round this year was a dream come true.  and i think my sidekick lebron is super pumped for this parade, he lost to them last year too."  when asked to comment, lebron james said "yeah, i'm excited, i'll definitely be out there with my teammates.  oh, but i will have to leave early and let the rest of them finish without me."

some AP photos from miami's championship victory celebration over boston in round 2:
(yeah, this article is fake, but these pictures are real.)

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