Sunday, June 12, 2011

agave nectar is so hot right now

when i started working in a new trendy restaurant/bar back in january, we got all kinds of fruits, puree's, syrups, and various other ingredients to create drinks with.  one thing we've used a lot since then is agave nectar.  it's basically honey made from cactus.  i like it for making girly tequila shots.  recently i started noticing it in coffee shops by the cream and sugar.  then i saw it in the pantry at my parents house.  and last week, there it was at the checkout counter while i was waiting in line at marshalls.  wow, stuff is big time.

i'm kinda pissed.  i really just wanted the first clip, but i couldn't find it on youtube with video, so i had to throw the second one in too.  i was feeling awesome about this blog, now i just think it's pretty good.

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  1. Ahh - you know me; always on the cutting edge...


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