Tuesday, June 14, 2011

heat lose, B's win, but holy $#!& red sox! just when i think they can't get any better they do

i kinda feel like i'm beating a dead horse with the red sox lately, but they just keep pouring it on.  9 wins in a row.  if you watched sunday afternoon's rout, you probably just though you were watching "sox in 2" from the day before.  they made toronto look like a AAA team, outscoring them 35-6 over the weekend.  gonzo leading the majors in RBI is no big surprise, but he's also leading the AL in hitting right now at .341.  and guess who's 4th: david ortiz batting .325 (he's also 4th in home runs with 17).  either papi's hopped in the wayback machine to 2004, or he's been secretly hanging out with jose bautista and bartolo colon: http://lucidsportsfan.blogspot.com/2011/05/what-do-bartolo-colon-and-jose-bautista.html

and how about jacoby?!  after being hurt all last year, i was worried he'd struggle with the trade rumors and people questioning his injury.  but he's 6th in hitting at .318, 2nd in double with 21 (behind gonzo), and back atop the league in steals with 24.  not to mention lester and beckett continue to lead the league in wins and ERA respectively, blah blah blah.  this team is a juggernaut right now, they may run away and hide from the rest of the AL.

also, not sure why, but i really liked heidi's outfit on sunday.

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