Thursday, June 16, 2011

bruins win stanley cup in first ever 7 game sweep

this had to have been the least close 7 game series in any sport ever (although now that i just said that the celtics 2008 1st round vs atlanta comes to mind); bruins dominate 4 games and canucks squeak by in 3.  i have done no research on this, but i'd be willing to bet there's never been a 7 game series before where the winning team was +15 in goals scored.  one year ago today, at the wharf pub in edgartown, i watched the celtics lose a painful finals game 7.  coincidentally last night i was back in the same bar for another game 7, but with a much better outcome.  shortly after the game ended a guy said to me it reminded him of the patriots first superbowl victory, because it felt like it came out of nowhere.  i couldn't agree more, did anybody see this coming?  7 titles in 11 years now for the city of boston, with all 4 teams winning in the past 6 and a half years.  unbelievable.

oh yeah, and poor josh beckett threw arguably the best game of his life last night, and i don't think a single person watched it.  a 97 pitch 1 hit complete game shutout, and the hit was a weak infield ground ball.

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