Friday, June 17, 2011

i LOVE this budweiser flag can!

how have i not seen this until today?!  i guess i haven't really been looking though.  allegedly these cans have been out since memorial day.  are they in stores?  i need a case of these for south beach on the 4th of july.  maybe 2 cases cause people are going to be begging me for them left and right. 

i'm also really proud of budweiser for giving this can to the original "heavy" instead of bud light.  i don't really get why bud light is so much more popular than regular bud.  i've been drinking it since i was a poor college kid and first started going to bars, because i knew i was getting more alcohol for the same price.  and if you didn't already know that, or want to learn more about the alcohol content of drinks, read this.

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