Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ray Lewis thinks God wants Michael Phelps to win as many golds as Lewis' high school football number

As far as infuriating tweets go, this one is pretty high on the list:

Ignoring the general absurdity of what Lewis seems to believe God's priorities might be, what really irks me about this tweet is that Lewis is self-righteous enough to think anyone would be interested in a correlation between his high school jersey number and Michael Phelps' Olympic gold medals (or metals, haha).  Not to mention, how about the mind-blowing level of egotism involved for him to imply it could actually be a goal Phelps (who's from Baltimore and is, sadly, a Lewis fan) might care about achieving?

To put it lightly, Ray Lewis is not a person I think very highly of (if the picture is any indication).  Click on the many links in this post if you'd like to read about why.

UPDATE: Lewis deleted the tweet, but the embedded text lives on...

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