Monday, May 9, 2016

Ray Lewis reportedly out at ESPN - Finally!

According to USA Today's The Big Lead, Ray Lewis is reportedly "on the way out" at ESPN.  I'd like to think this represents the network finally correcting a mistake it never should've made in the first place when it hired Lewis as an NFL analyst shortly after his retirement from football in 2013.

It blows my mind that ESPN (and anyone, for that matter) was able to overlook the role he played in that double-homicide in January of 2000.  My guess is, if social media had existed back then Lewis' entire NFL career never would've happened (a few security cameras outside of the Cobalt Lounge nightclub likely could've kept him out of the league as well).

Yet somehow people magically forgot (or ignored) what he did, and he had a three-year run of saying stupid things on television.

Hopefully I'll never have to see his face in my living room again.

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