Thursday, August 11, 2016

Even if Ray Allen comes back, he can't stop Stephen Curry from breaking his all-time 3-point record

Rumors of a Ray Allen return have never ceased since he played his last NBA game for the Miami Heat in 2014.  Most recently, Allen said he spoke about a potential comeback with two of his old ballclubs, the Celtics and Bucks.  According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, the 41-year-old Allen is interested in adding to his all-time three-point record, which currently stands at 2,973.

I've got news for you Ray--unless you're planning to play into your fifties, Steph Curry is going to smash your record (that doesn't mean I don't think it'd be cool to see Allen on the C's again though).

A year ago, Curry was coming off a league-record 286 three-pointers in 2014-15.  I wrote an article for Hoops Habit called When Will Stephen Curry Become NBA All-Time Three-Point Leader? in which I conservatively estimated he might make 250 threes per season for the next several years.  At that pace, passing Allen was an inevitability.  But, then Steph when out and drained four hundred of them (402 to be exact) in 2015-16.  Last summer Curry was in 50th place on the all-time list with 1,191, now he's 19th at 1,593.

Curry is only 28 years old.  If he averages 300 per season for the next five years he'll pass Allen by his 33rd birthday (or 500 for the next thee years???).  Even if Ray adds another hundred or two to his total, he'd have to hope Curry is washed up at 34 in order to keep the record, and somehow I don't see that happening to the greatest shooter ever.

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