Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Could you eat this cucumber sandwich?

Taste-wise, I think it would actually be fairly good.  I'm talking about the physics of it:

While I am intrigued, this is definitely a flawed idea.  One, it looks really difficult to build.  I don't see many people taking the time to carve out the center of a cucumber like that.  And two, biting into/through it might be a serious challenge.  A cucumber is pretty thick (and I assume doesn't squish down like bread does) and has a tough layer of skin on the outside.

I'm guessing if I tried to eat this thing I'd be all gung-ho about it at the beginning, but by the time I got towards the end my jaw would be sore and I'd be completely sick of it.  Realistically, I just can't envision anybody consuming that entire thing.

Here's my advice for people in the cucumber-instead-of-bread sandwich market: Make a small one, and cut it into slices.

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