Sunday, March 29, 2015

Recycle Sunday No. 14: Highlights from last summer

It looks like we'll never know what was really wrong with Serena Williams at Wimbledon that day...

ESPN made absurd/impossible statistical comparisons with how World Cup soccer relates to other sports.

My expectations for Sharknado 2, which lived up to the hype.

The NFL has the longest preseason of any major sport. How dumb is that?

On a Friday night in August, the best sporting event going was a 15-year-old kid's tennis match.

The existence of playoffs in minor league baseball is stupid.  Here's why.

Orioles honor Derek Jeter's 'last day game in Baltimore on a Friday' (OK, not really, but...).  Also now that he's retired, can you guess which Yankee has the most World Series rings?

Brilliant idea for fantasy football: A "bench alternate" you can sub in after the fact.

I love this restaurant's "we don't care about your food allergies" sign; Carrie Bradshaw take note.

The A's were the best team in baseball last year, until they traded away their No. 3 hitter.  I thought it was a very bad idea.  They suffered an epic collapse immediately afterwards.

After getting crushed 41-14 in Kansas City, people were freaking out about the 2-2 Patriots.  I wrote a blog called Postponing the Premature Patriots Panic.  The week after that I wrote another called The dropped interception that saved Tom Brady's career and extended the Patriots dynasty.

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