Friday, September 12, 2014

Orioles to honor Derek Jeter's 'last day game in Baltimore on a Friday' today

The Orioles plan to hold a small ceremony before today's 1:05 pm start time as part the Derek Jeter Retirement Road Show.  Jeter will be honored this afternoon because it will be the last time he suits up for a day game in Baltimore on a Friday.  Upon learning of the Orioles intentions, Jeter said:

"Yeah, it's pretty nice of them to commemorate this occasion, I mean it is the last time I'll get to take the field in this city in the daylight.  Although to be honest, this is exactly the kind of stuff I expected to happen when I announced my retirement eight months ahead of time."

When informed that the O's and Yankees are scheduled for another 1:05 pm contest on Saturday, and that today's festivities were only because it was his last Friday afternoon game in Baltimore, Jeter responded: "Sweet, another party tomorrow!"

For fans who'd like to stick around after the game, the Orioles have announced there will be a brief parade outside the ballpark to celebrate Jeter's last doubleheader ever in Baltimore.

However, those who have tickets for this evening's 7:05 pm matchup are urged not to arrive early for the parade, as they will have their own mini carnival to attend on the field after the third inning in celebration of Jeter's final Friday night game at Camden Yards.

My stab at impersonating a sports headline from "The Onion"
Should athletes really get to celebrate their retirement for an entire season?
What's the greatest way for an athlete to retire?

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