Wednesday, July 30, 2014

'Sharknado 2' tonight! It should be called 'Sharknado^2' (squared)

As I wrote a year ago, the thing that made the original Sharknado great was that it was "a comedy masquerading as a horror movie. It's so intentionally fake and terrible that it's basically a parody of itself, which makes it funny."

Based on this magnificent trailer, the sequel appears to do the same thing, but to an exponentially greater extent:

From a quick look at the IMDB page for Shaknado 2: The Second One, I count no less than 16 moderately famous people in it.  Sixteen.  It's a fairly remarkable phenomenon for a terrible movie to be so bad that it's good; and then even good enough to attract additional celebrities for the sequel.

The SyFy network is going to obliterate everything else on TV at 9 pm tonight.  How crazy is that?  Sharknado 2 will also be the most tweeted about program in television history.  Wrap your brain around that one for a minute.  Whoever is behind this at SyFy deserves some sort of entertainment industry gold medal for incredible success in the face overwhelming odds.

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