Friday, August 1, 2014

The Red Sox fire sale has me very concerned for next year

Yoenis Cespedes, 2-time HR derby champ. I'd rather have Lester.
This season the Red Sox brought back their entire starting five that led them to a World Series last year, but now Clay Buchholz (and his team-worst 5.87 ERA) is the lone man standing.  I'm not completely sold on the John Lackey trade, or the fact that they didn't just pay Jon Lester a long time ago.  Other than that I like each move they made individually, but collectively I'm not so sure.

As I wrote this morning in my Bleacher Report article Grading the Boston Red Sox Trade-Deadline Performance (which I highly recommend reading), I think in this case the total could well be less than the sum of the parts.  The Sox are a big-market team behaving like a small-market team.  It's going to take some major moves this offseason to keep the rotation from being an absolute disaster in 2015.

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