Saturday, March 28, 2015

Any NBA team would beat any college team by whatever score it wanted to

On Thursday night, the Kentucky Wildcats beat West Virginia 76-38.  Not only did it double the Mountaineers point total, but Kentucky could have gone scoreless in the second half and still won the game (it was 44-18 at halftime).  And we're not talking about a 1 vs. 16 matchup involving a MEAC or Summit League team, West Virginia was a No. 5 seed out of the Big 12.

With Kentucky (37-0) being so good this year, the topic keeps coming up as to how they would fair against the worst team in the NBA (currently the Knicks).  This headline I saw yesterday made me mad:

Ya think?  That is not news.  I'm so sick of hearing about this.  The article sites a Vegas sports book who claims the Knicks would be 13.5-point favorites vs. Kentucky.  That's an absurdly low number.  Re-read the title above.  The gap in talent level between the Knicks and Kentucky is significantly greater than the one between Kentucky and West Virginia.

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