Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Better Celtics highlight: Marcus Smart's block or Gerald Wallace's alley-oop?

Both of the following came during the Celtics' win in Charlotte last night.



I'm in favor of Wallace, because Smart just turned 21 and Wallace is 167.  The fact that he called for the pass up high from Avery Bradley makes it all the more impressive.  You can read more about Wallace's "vintage" jam on CelticsLife.

And make sure to check out my Hoops Habit article on the ridiculous year the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan is having.  He's about to post the second-greatest field goal percentage season ever (71.1% at the moment), while simultaneously having the second-worst free-throw percentage season of all time (37.7%).

Quick/easy trivia, who is the guy who holds the record for both (click the link above for the answer)?

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