Saturday, September 20, 2014

I wish fantasy football had a "bench alternate" you could sub in after the fact

Nobody is good at predicting fantasy football.  Not me, not you, and not even the "experts" we read on major websites, watch on TV and listen to on podcasts.

Week to week, if you look back at "rankings" and "projections" after the fact, they rarely resemble anything close to what actually happened (quick sidebar--isn't it funny how seriously we take them given how much of a crap shoot they really are?).  Inevitably guys who should be great do nothing, while people you've never heard of put up huge games.

For this reason I like to have a bench made up of bad players whenever possible.  The fewer tough lineup decisions you have to make, the less likely you are to be annoyed because your backup running back scored two touchdowns.

Here's an idea that I think would make everybody's fantasy football experience more enjoyable:

Each week you can set one "bench alternate."  Like when you have a feeling Darren Sproles is going to have a good game, but you still can't justify starting him at running back over Stevan Ridley; now you wouldn't have to.  You just set Sproles as your "bench alternate," and if he outperforms one of your other RBs you get to substitute in his points instead.

Maybe Tom Brady is your backup quarterback and Aaron Rodgers is your starter (which is the case for me).  You have to go with Rodgers, but if Brady throws 6 TDs vs the Raiders this week it'll be annoying to miss out.

But the best reason to do this is for when your star is hurt and you're not sure how effective he'll be.  When he barely scores any points you have a "bench alternate" to fall back on.  It's similar to my idea from a few years ago about setting backups in case somebody unexpectedly doesn't play.

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