Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I hope State Farm keeps going with their Saturday Night Live early 90's reboot commercials

So far we've got "The Richmeister" (making copies):

"Hans & Franz" (the "you don't just lift dumbbells, you drink them" line cracks me up):

And the "Da Bears" guys, which has been airing for a while:

So, what should be next?  I'd love to see "Opera Man," although my guess is Adam Sandler is too big a star to get.  Similarly I don't envision State Farm shelling out for the copyrights on Wayne's World, although Mike Myers is definitely a possibility.  How about Linda Richman from "Coffee Talk," or Dieter from "Sprockets"?

I see one surefire winner though, a no-brainer: Pat.


  1. maybe switch it up and grab some "In Living Colour" characters too? Fire Marshal Bill, Homey D. Clown, Wanda Wayne, Blaine & Antoine, ...


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