Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've got a great idea to make fantasy football better

Ok, so one of the worst things about fantasy football is when guys who have been active all week are suddenly ruled out on Sunday 5 minutes before game time.  You lose your match up for the week because your star wide receiver has a tight hamstring and decides not to play at the last minute.  This has nothing to do with paying attention or being well prepared, it's just dumb luck.  So rather than being forced to check your lineup at exactly 12:59 (and sometimes that doesn't even work), why not have this option: setting backups.  If you have them on your bench, you can pre-determine backups for each of your starters.  The site keeps track of the stats for the players on the bench, and if a starter never enters the game then the backup's numbers are plugged in.  Boom, win.

This is the lineup I won my league with last year.  And yes, that is #1 overall pick Chris Johnson on the bench.

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