Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pats vs. NFC Pro-Bowl Team: Who Wins?

Pre-season football starts tonight, so today seemed like an appropriate day for this.  I saw a commercial recently for Madden '12, and in the ad the Pro Bowl teams were featured.  That got me thinking about how when I was in High School and we played NHL '94 for Super Nintendo.  When I played with my friends you weren't allowed to use the All-Star teams (or even Chicago for that matter) cause they were just too good.  But football is not hockey.  I have to admit I haven't played video games in a LONG time.  But I think if you were to play a game in Madden '12 with a regular team vs. a Pro Bowl team, the regular team should probably win.  Football is about coaching and plays and teamwork/familiarity.  If this games is a real as it claims the Pro-Bowl teams shouldn't be that good.

So here's where I am going with this: If you put the real life Patriots on the field vs the real life NFC Pro Bowl team, wouldn't New England mop the floor with them?  And how much would you love to see that game?

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