Friday, August 12, 2011

Have you seen these yet?

They've been popping up all over Boston in the past two weeks.  Bicycles available for rent in a rack on the side of the road.  No people involved, you just swipe your credit card.  Sort of like luggage carts at the airport, or the Redbox dvd machines in grocery stores.  But it's not the airport, and they're not dvds.  I haven't looked into the details at all, but my gut feeling is this can't really work in Boston, too many things might go wrong.  The first one being that I haven't actually seen a person riding one yet.  And I get the feeling that by the end of summer all of these bikes will somehow belong to homeless people.

And yeah, the picture kind of sucks, sorry.  But when I took it with the flash on the reflectors on the bikes shined so much that you couldn't even tell what they were.

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