Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why doesn't the NCAA tournament realize nobody wants to see No. 67 vs. No. 68?

Get pumped for HC/SO.
There are millions of reasons why it's stupid that the NCAA tournament includes 68 teams, made obvious by the fact that every bracket available only acknowledges the existence of 64 (I have the "Michigan/Tulsa" entrant getting all the way to the Elite Eight, by the way).

Holy Cross takes on Southern tonight in a game nobody other than fans of those two schools cares about.  Holy Cross went 10-19 this regular season, including 0-8 on the road in Patriot League play (good for ninth place in a 10-team league).  Yet somehow, the Crusaders won four straight road games in the conference tourney to capture the title and earn an automatic bid to the big dance.

Why would anybody be interested in watching that Holy Cross club take on a squad that finished in fourth place (11-7) in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (but also won its league tournament)?

The fun of having teams like these in the NCAA tournament is to see what happens when they go up against a giant like North Carolina or Kansas.  Holy Cross vs. Southern and Florida Gulf Coast vs. Fairleigh Dickinson (the game nobody cared about last night, won by the Eagles--which one is the Eagles?) are boring and a waste of time.  Not to mention the fact that the losing squads never really get the actual tourney experience.

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