Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NCAA Bracket advice: Nobody really knows anything

If the title sounds familiar, you're right, I wrote this before last year's tournament.  But now I have a new and improved version, and the results of the 2011 tourney validated my theory more than ever.  The champion UConn huskies finished the regular season in a three way tie for ninth place in the big east; nobody picked them to win it.  And their opponent in the final, the Butler Bulldogs, got there out of the Horizon League, for the second consecutive year.  That is possibly one of the least predictable occurrences in the history of any sport, ever.  Now consider this: somewhere out there a person won their tourney pool last season by making their choices strictly on the fact that they love dogs, but think huskies are cuter than bulldogs.  Nobody really knows anything.

This is just a snippet of an article I wrote for CLNSRadio.com's March Madness coverage.  Click here to read the full version.

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