Monday, March 12, 2012

Please Danny, don't break these guys up

The Lakers have two All-Star centers.  Yesterday all the Celtics had to counter was a rookie who only averaged 3 points and 10 minutes a game; in college.  Take a look at Greg Stiemsma's stats at Wisconsin if you don't believe me.  Considering that, I think it was a pretty impressive effort the old guys put forth against a Laker team that is now 18-2 at home.  On the heels of Friday night's demolition of Portland, it seems fairly clear that this team is still capable of competing at a high level.  Do I think Boston can win the title this year?  Probably not.  But there's more to it than that.

Winning championships is a hard thing to do.  Very hard.  The majority of sports teams and their fans head into each season without realistically thinking they can win a title.  In all honesty, it's highly unlikely there is any possible trade Danny Ainge could make that might lead to another banner in the near future.  Which is why he should keep this team together for one last run.  One thing I know for sure is that we like these guys.  Over the past four and a half seasons we've greatly enjoyed watching Pierce, KG, Ray Ray, and Rondo play together.  Sports is entertainment, and the Celtics right now are still fun to watch.  I'd much rather see them play their hearts out together till the bitter end this spring, than watch a different team that might be slightly less mediocre next year.

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