Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do the Celtics Players Know Something We Don't?

With just under two minutes to go in the second quarter at the Garden on Friday night, the Celtics led Portland by the score of 60-23.  In my years as a season ticket holder I have definitely never seen a 37 point lead in the first half before.  It ballooned as high as 43 mid way through the third quarter, at 81-38 (on a slight tangent, with Boston up 35 at half time, I told my buddy I though they would win by 18.  Final score: 104-86.  Man I wish I'd tweeted that at the time).  None of the Celtics starters played in the 4th quarter.

Maybe the C's had a little extra motivation from the embarrassment of their worst loss in 6 years two days earlier in Philly.  Or maybe it was more than that.  Heading out on an eight game road trip with the trade deadline looming, Friday night was the kind of effort you'd expect to see from 3 aging hall of famers realizing it might be the last home game they'd ever play together.

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