Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bracket advice: nobody knows anything

my sister emailed me today asking for advice about her tournament picks.  i looked over her bracket, and decided it was just as good as anybody elses.  that got me thinking, nobody knows what's going to happen.  not me, not my sister, not my buddy who watches 10 games a week, and definitely not the "experts" in the sports media.  the other day i was watching first take on espn2, and all the panelists were giving their final 4 picks.  mateen cleaves, former michigan st spartan, picked ohio st, duke, kansas, and michigan st.  really?  three #1 seeds and your alma mater, a 10 seed?  really?  that's about as shallow and uneducated a pick as you can make, and he's on tv.  hey espn, my picks are ohio st, duke, pitt, and richmond, can i be on PTI tomorrow?

BREAKING NEWS:  so i originally wrote this entry around 3:30 this afternoon, but now wilbon and kornheiser just ruined my joke by also both picking michigan st on PTI tonight.  or does it just prove my point even more?

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