Thursday, March 17, 2011

today is the absolut perferct storm of days to play hooky

st. patrick's day.  the first warm weather this season.  and the first day of the tournament, the greatest sports day of the year.  i can't believe i have to go to work now.  one quick tournament story that sums up how awesome this day is:  back in 1994, before everyone had internet and cell phones, i remember sitting in modern european history class in high school around 1 pm on this day.  mr joseph walked into the room during the middle of class to hand mr lilien note.  that's the kind of thing that happens when there has been some sort of natural disaster, or someone's family member has died.  he looked at the note and said "liberty 29, north carolina 28."  of course carolina went on to win that game easy, but the thought of a 16 over 1 upset was enough to interrupt class.

also i LOVE the fact that every game is on tv now.

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