Monday, March 14, 2011

stingy bucks hold celtics to 87 points, but still lose by 31. huh?

when i was at work and not paying much attention to the game i looked up at the score around this time, and i just assumed it was the 2nd quarter, not the 3rd.  wow.  i would have enjoyed writing about this game a lot more if that crazy wisconsin-penn st game hadn't just happened.  56 total points was an all time low for the bucks, and an all time best for the celtics defense.  the bucks leading scorer was a D-league guy named earl barron who put up 10 points.  that's all, this blog feels really unoriginal.  anyway, pretty feeble couple of days for basketball in the state of wisconsin.

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  1. 22 points allowed at halftime was a Celts all time record. 38 points after 3 quarters was a league record!


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