Monday, March 14, 2016

What do you think of this single-can fridge? Also, why would anyone want to warm up a can of soda?

I really like the idea of this tiny, tiny refrigerator.  If I ever work in an office, I'm totally getting one to plug into my computer.  Then I'll buy 12-packs of Polar flavored soda cans to keep under my desk and just rotate them through my super-mini fridge one at a time.

Also, I wonder how long it takes for this device to get a drink cold?  Instead of lugging a cooler full of ice and beer to a party, could somebody bring a bunch of cans and this little thing instead?  Would it chill your next beverage in the time it takes to drink the first one?

You can buy it for only $19.99, so it's definitely worth finding out.  But here's the weird part--it's labeled as a cooler/warmer.  From the product description on

-Thermoelectric cooler/warmer
-Chill a can down to 46° F / warm a can up to 149° F
-In-line switch included at no charge to change between warm & chill with LED indicator
-Yellow when cold
-Red when warm
-Capacity: Fits 1 US standard 12 oz. can

Um, what?  When has anyone ever wanted to warm up a beverage that comes in a 12 oz. can?

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