Saturday, March 19, 2016

Budweiser video beer cooler: Awesome or stupid?

I saw this Budweiser video cooler in the liquor store today.  The concept of it is awesome, but I think the reality of it may be stupid.  I was standing there for a long time looking at other stuff on the shelves before I even realized that it was a cooler full of beer--I just though it was a video billboard or something.  It's very difficult to see inside, which makes it nearly impossible to pick out what you want without opening the door.  That defeats the whole purpose of a glass-door cooler to begin with.

But, if part of the revolving ad listed exactly what was inside the cooler, then I might be on board.  On the other hand, I'd not sure I'd pay attention long enough to notice.

Watch the Vine below, or click on the picture to expand it and get a better view.

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