Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crazy "holiday" flavors of club soda

I love flavored soda waters.  And the technology of it kind of blows me away.  How do they make them without adding any chemicals or sugar or anything?  If you look at the nutritional information on the back, they have nothing.  All zeros.  No ingredients besides "natural flavors."  It's especially impressive now that the varieties are getting totally out of hand.  Check out this picture I took last week at the grocery store of Polar's new assortment of "holiday" flavors:

Amazing.  I tried the eggnog.  It really tastes like eggnog.  Unlike fictional "skinny girl" margaritas, this really is "skinny" eggnog (minus the alcohol obviously).  And while it kind of bothers me that all the Christmas choices were in the store before thanksgiving (is it time for a 55 day advent calendar?), it's not as bad as shelves of pumpkin beer in the liquor store in august.


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