Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sporty Oreos

I saw these two new types of Oreos in the grocery store the other day.  I have some comments and questions in no particular order:

The football shaped ones are great.  That's just a winning idea.  But the "Triple Double" I'm not so sure of.  It looks like a lot of hard crunchy cookie to bite through, and I'm also not really sold on wanting both the chocolate and vanilla cream at the same time.

But my main questions is, did Oreo intend to use a basketball reference in their name?  My first instinct was that it absolutely must have been on purpose; especially considering that they were next to each other on the shelf.  But the more I ponder over it, that may just be the work of a sports-minded-logical-thinking stock person.  If the "Triple Double" are meant to be basketball related, why didn't Nabisco make the top of them look like balls as they did with the football cookies?  Or at least put some sort of hoops paraphernalia on the wrapping?  I think this was a great idea, but a huge marketing fail on the part of Oreo.


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