Friday, November 23, 2012

Best of the best from Pats vs Jets

A month ago the Patriots blew a big lead, but managed to squeak by the Jets in OT.  Despite being 4-3, people were very down on the Pats due to their repeated late game struggles.  I wrote that I still liked their chances in part because they were "just 3 play and 4 points away" from being undefeated.  At the time I took some heat on twitter from many who though it was a ridiculous statement to make; but now that New England is 8-3 it's looking a lot more reasonable.

Last night Mark Sanchez gave us one of the most embarrassing moments I have ever seen in the National Football League:

 - A lot has been made of the Patriots scoring 3 touchdowns in 52 seconds, but it was also over a span of just 5 plays, 2 of which were kickoffs.

Edelman for MVP?
 - Julian Edelman has had an insane last couple of games.  Against the Colts he returned 2 punts for a total of 117 yards and a touchdown, caught a TD pass, and nearly scored a 3rd time on a 47 yard run.  Last night he had 2 more touchdowns (a 65 yard catch and a 22 yard fumble return) before getting knocked out of the game by a hit to the head in the 3rd quarter.

 - The Patriots are now 19-0 in the second half of the regular season over the past 3 years.

 - New England has scored 190 points in their last 4 games (45, 37, 59, and 49), the most prolific four game stretch the league has seen in 60 years.

 - Tom Brady has now completed more than 50% of his passes in 50 consecutive games.


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