Sunday, September 20, 2015

Recycle Sunday (No. 16)

"Fans" who leave games early (because their team is losing) and try to get back in (after their team rallies) really, really irritate me.

Titletown parade No. 9.

Did you know "kick the can" and "capture the flag" are the same thing?

'Why don't they have bicycles?' and other similar questions about 'The Walking Dead'.

Did Curt Schilling set a new standard for policing the internet?

"Cash for Gift Cards" machines illustrate why sometimes giving gifts is stupid.

The odds of picking a perfect NCAA tournament bracket are not as impossible as you may have heard.

Crazy stats from the longest Red Sox game of all time.

Bill Simmons tweeted out a blog that I wrote.

LeBron James fails at his attempt to "be like Mike".

Regardless of all the Deflategate nonsense, here's why Tom Brady at the Pats are a lock for Super Bowl 50.

Bud Light mistakenly promotes itself as a "date rape" beer.

MLB games don't take very long when there are no fans in the ballpark.

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