Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NHL 3-on-3 overtime is a good idea, but I think they skipped a step

Below is the end of last night's Bruins-Capitals preseason game:

In case you didn't notice, there were only six players on the ice.  It's a new rule the NHL adopted this year--three-on-three in overtime.  In 1999, the league switched from the standard five-on-five in OT to four-on-four.  Now, another man has been cut out in attempt to further reduce the number of games that end in shootouts (which still happen if nobody scores after five minutes of three-on-three).

Here's what I would've liked to see instead:

A four-minute four-on-four OT, followed by three minutes of three-on-three if it's still tied.  Then maybe two minutes of two-on-two before an eventual shootout?  That would probably decrease the number of shootouts by an even greater amount, as well as increase the fun/entertainment factor.

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