Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hair visors are a real thing?? I have so many questions...

On Sunday, I watched the Patriots game at an Oak Bluffs waterfront bar on Martha's Vineyard.  The majority of the crowd were middle-aged fisherman/boat owner guys.  I noticed one had a hairstyle that appeared to be an obvious attempt to cling to his youth.  It looked very much like this:

And then he took his visor off, revealing this:

I was legitimately shocked.

Here are my questions: Apparently hair visors are a real thing, not just a joke?  How can that be?  If you have one, do you wear it all the time?  Or, do you get several different ones with the same hair attached to a variety of visors?  What do you do in non-visor wearing situations?  Do you also have a similar hair piece without a visor, or are they marketed to a finite subset of society that exits exclusively in places where visors are always acceptable?

Don't even get me started on how women come into play (or don't)...

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