Monday, April 6, 2015

Bill Simmons just tweeted out an article I wrote yesterday

Here's a screenshot of the Celtics' official twitter account from earlier today:

As you can see, its most recent activity is a retweet of a tweet sent by ESPN's Bill Simmons.  The Celtics clearly enjoyed the words Simmons used to describe their coach.  I've embedded the tweet below:

Included is a link to a blog post picked up by the Yardbarker Network.  The article is something I wrote yesterday for CelticsLife, titled Credit Brad Stevens for one of the gutsiest timeouts you'll ever see.

To quote one of my colleagues, it's "the apex of retweets in the Celtics world."  So Bill, if you'd like to hire me for Grantland, or even just bring me in as a guest on the B.S. Report, I am available...

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