Sunday, December 23, 2012

People who were almost famous in "Almost Famous"

A little while back I was flipping through the HBO channels late at night (which happens a lot I guess), and Almost Famous was on.  It's one of those must-view flicks that if you happen to stumble upon you don't turn off.  It'd been a few years since I last watched it (the film was made in 2000), so I was a little startled when I saw this:

Cameron from Modern Family, about a decade before he became famous.

His name is Eric Stonestreet, and in the movie he's a hotel clerk who says "Mr. Miller?  You have a message from Elaine.  Your mother.  She's a handful.  She freaked me out."

You may or may not have known that Jimmy Fallon is in Almost Famous as well, he plays the manager the record company sends to help out the band:

And so is Rainne Wilson (Dwight Schrute from The Office), who has the role of one of the editors at Rolling Stone Magazine.

Actor/comedian Nick Swardson also makes a cameo appearance as a crazy David Bowie fan:


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