Monday, December 24, 2012

Are Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks the best team in the NFL?

Two weeks ago the 11-1 Houston Texans appeared to be the class of the NFL, until they got smashed by the Patriots 42-14.  For the next week New England seemed to be the consensus #1 pick, but then they fell behind San Francisco 31-3 and couldn't quite come all the way back.  Heading into this weekend many people thought the 49ers might be the league's top team, and yesterday they got manhandled by Seattle 42-13.

Is it possible the 10-5 Seahawks are now the best team in football?  Right now they just might be, over the last three weeks they've won by an average score of 50-10.  On the other hand, given the way things are going they will probably lose to the Rams at home next week.

Personally I don't believe in Seattle not because of this weird chain of events of top teams getting knocked off, but because I just can't take their head coach Pete Carroll seriously.  Going back to the late '90s when he was here in New England, one thing about him has always made me question his legitimacy as an NFL head coach: Every time something good happens to his team, he celebrates like a little schoolchild.  It's kind of amazing, he makes his players look more grownup than he is.  If the Seahawks manage to win the NFC West next week, make sure to keep an eye out for how he handles it.


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