Thursday, December 27, 2012

Remember the Red Sox?

I don't see this guy as a difference maker.
It's been quite some time since I really paid any attention to the local baseball squad.  In fact the last time I wrote a word about them was in early October, easily the longest I've gone since the creation of  But two things happened this week that I think are worth mentioning:

1.  They traded for a relief pitcher named Joel Hanrahan.  The reason I think this is significant is because it's not actually significant.  By definition relief pitchers aren't very good, if they were they'd be starters (I realize this isn't 100% true, but it's about 99.4% true, and I think that's good enough).  They're a dime a dozen, easily replaced by the next best thing you have down on the farm.  Oddly enough I discussed this a year ago when they acquired Marc Melancon, who is one of the guys they just dealt in order to get Hanrahan.

2.  New Shortstop Stephen Drew has selected uniform #7, the same number his big brother J.D. used to wear here in Boston.  I'm not sure Stephen has any idea what he's getting himself into; except for in the highly unlikely event that he plays like a superstar, this is a very, very bad idea.


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