Friday, December 28, 2012

ipads are incredible babysitters

When the folks at Apple first came up with the idea of the ipad, I wonder if they had any idea that it's most useful function might be as a babysitter (not a restaurant menu)?  I have seen it time and time again, the thing has magical powers over small children.  Parents out to dinner eating in peace as their child sits quietly.  Mothers in the grocery store aisles shopping while the kid in the cart is entertained (when I was little my mom would try to accomplish this by giving me a box of animal crackers).  Need to run out of the room for a few minutes?  No problem, your baby isn't going anywhere as long as you put an ipad in front of it.

There was a day a few months back when my boss was stuck having to bring his 3 year old son to work with him.  He propped the kid up in a booth, handed him an ipad, and didn't worry about a thing for the next two hours.  It was amazing, the boy probably would have been content to stay there all day.

It makes me wonder why there isn't more of a market for "kid ipads." I know they exist, but I'm surprised every parent doesn't buy one.  They should cost like 50 bucks, be made of all rubber and plastic, and only have very limited capabilities and just the apps for children.  I feel like there's millions to be made if somebody perfects this.


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