Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Duke and Michigan party like it's 1992

Burke and a couple NBA kids have the Wolverines flying high.
My favorite college basketball season ever was 1991-92.  It was the year of the Michigan Fab Five, a group of incredibly cocky but talented freshman who made it all the way to the NCAA Championship Game.  Michigan lost the 1992 title to Duke, and now 20 years later as we close out 2012, Duke and Michigan are again the top two teams in the country.

While the Blue Devils have spent plenty of time at #1 in the past couple decades, for the #2 Wolverines it's their highest ranking since Chris Webber bolted for the NBA as the top pick in 1993 draft.  Back then one of Webber and the Fab Five's biggest rivals was Glen Robinson Jr. of Purdue, who became the #1 pick in the draft the following year.  Ironically his son, Glen Robinson III, is a freshman for the current Michigan squad; which also features another NBA star's offspring, Tim Hardaway Jr.  Not to mention the fact that their point guard, sophomore Trey Burke, is a preseason All-American.


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