Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ode to Kevin Garnett compilation blog

I didn't start seriously writing about the NBA until 2012, so everything I have on Kevin Garnett is from well past his prime--that doesn't mean there weren't still plenty of great moments though.  In mostly chronological order, here's my own personal KG highlight reel:

Kevin Garnett's last Gino Time?

2015-16 A Season Of Milestones For Kevin Garnett

Remember when Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury wanted an all-nude ESPN The Magazine?

Kevin Garnett is NOT interested in his coach's stories about the Raptors

Year 7 of a 3-year plan (which never happened because) It's a sad day for the Boston Celtics

The 18 greatest Celtics of all time (I admittedly missed on Pierce, we'll see about KG)

For Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and the Garden crowd, it was a game unlike any other

Will KG and Pierce ever show there age?

Usain Bolt is a huge fan of Kevin Garnett and the Celtics

Kevin Garnett is rebounding at a historic rate, and he's getting better as the series goes on

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce used to "break vases" together twenty-some years ago

Here's why Kevin Garnett is done with All-Star Games

Is this as good as it gets? (Garnett finds his youth against his former ballclub)

Kevin Garnett plays point guard?

KG focused on his Secret Santa (and not getting a Christmas gift for Ray Allen)

Last Night I went to the weirdest NBA game I've ever seen (KG demolish Dwight Howard and Boston held the Magic to a record-low scoring output)

Celtics suffocate Magic on Monday, then rip their hearts out on Thursday

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