Thursday, September 27, 2012

Will KG and Pierce ever show there age?

I just finished writing a piece for CLNS Radio entitled "Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce: How Much Will the 'Old Men' Play?"  Here is the 37 second version:

Pierce turns 35 in two weeks and is entering his 15th NBA season.  Garnett is 36 and about to play his 18th year.  They have played 1,155 (PP) and 1,380 (KG) games respectively over the course of their careers.  For contrast Larry Bird only lasted 13 years and 1,061 games.  Pierce and Garnett are old.  But they're not acting like it.  You'd think Doc would start playing them fewer minutes this year.  But I also thought last year, and even the year before.  Somehow it's just not the case, the numbers show they haven't been slowing down:

Watch out Lebron, these guys don't seem to be getting older.

Season MPG:

Pierce            Garnett

35.9      '08       32.8
37.5      '09       31.1
34.0      '10       29.9
34.7      '11       31.3
34.0      '12       31.1

Not only have their minutes failed to decline, but they're staying fairly healthy with age as well.  Last year they missed just 11 games between the two of them, and the 6 for Garnett were the fewest since he's been in Boston.  For this season I'm predicting 33.4 MPG and 75 games for Pierce; 30.7 MPG and 71 games for KG.


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