Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do people really go out with nothing but their phones?

The other day I walked into a pizza place across the street from my apartment, and there was something like this sitting on the counter next to the register:

Apparently it's called "Level Up," and it allows you to pay for things with your cell phone.  The app stores your credit card info, and puts a bar code on the screen to scan when you want to buy stuff with it.  Obviously there is a market for this.  Probably it's going to be huge.  But it doesn't appear to be any quicker or easier than just swiping your actual credit card, so I think it's really only useful if your phone is the only thing you are carrying. Unfortunately I don't really envision a situation for me where that would happen; at least until some time in the future when my "phone" is able to replace my keys as well.


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