Monday, September 19, 2016

Silver linings to the Jimmy Garoppolo injury

Having your quarterback get hurt is one of the worst things that can happen to an NFL team, but in the case of Jimmy Garoppolo, the timing of his injury isn't really all that bad for the Patriots.

First, there's the obvious: Arguably the greatest QB of all time will be back in two weeks.  Before the season began, most Pats fans would've been perfectly content if the Tom Brady suspension ended with New England going 2-2.  Now, that's already the worst-case scenario.

Second, a potentially very uncomfortable situation is avoided.  Garoppolo was playing outstanding football.  What if he continued to be that good for two-and-a-half more games?  Upon Brady's return, anything Tom did that was less than perfect would've sparked "Should Jimmy be starting?" rumblings.  The longer that can be avoided, the better.

And third, Thursday night matchups are the bane of the NFL's existence.  More often than not they're turnover-filled slop-fests, with neither team being properly prepared.  If there's a time when you have to start your third-string quarterback (who can scramble, by the way), it might as well be a contest that's probably going to be ugly anyway.  I like Jacoby Brissett's chances to pull out a victory this Thursday a lot more than I would if the game wasn't until Sunday.

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