Friday, June 28, 2013

It's a sad day for the Boston Celtics

For a sense of karmic symmetry I decided to give today's post an identical title to the one I wrote yesterday making fun of the Celtics arch rivals in LA.  I'm still in a slight state of shock and disbelief that this has actually happened.  I can't think of anything else like it in my lifetime as a Boston sports fan where two players of such magnitude were traded together.  Will this cause me to actually root for Brooklyn next year?  Here's my immediate reaction when the news first settled in:

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's first game back in Boston is going to be an incredibly exciting and emotional night.  However, I was shortly reminded of this sobering though:

The thing I can't understand is why Danny Ainge made this deal yesterday; what was the rush to do a draft day trade that didn't even involve the draft?  I thought the Celtics should have waited longer before letting Doc Rivers go, and the same holds true for Pierce and Garnett as well.  Obviously Boston isn't trying to rebuild for next season, and they might have gotten better offers later in the summer, or even up until the 2014 trade deadline.

I'm also wondering how it will work out for the Nets having Pierce, Garnett, and Jason Terry coached by Jason Kidd; a guy who's basically their age who they just went up against in the playoffs.  If things don't go great right off the bat there could definitely be a mutiny of some kind.

Knowing a trade like this was a possibility, here's a story I wrote last month for CelticsLife that looks into where Pierce and Garnett rank on the list of greatest Celtics of all-time.  Back in May I also discussed whether or not the Garden PA announced screwed up Pierce's final moment as a Celtic.  It turns out he did.


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