Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coming soon to a television near you: The Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial

Wow.  This is some crazy stuff.  It sounds like there's a boat load of evidence that is going to put Hernandez behind bars for a long long time.  This morning reporters were questioning how quick New England was to cut him today, and now we know why.  Good move Patriots.

If you'd asked me yesterday, I would have told you I thought he'd manage to stay out of jail.  First there was OJ, and then Ray Lewis set a precedent 13 years ago for NFL players being able to kill people and get away with it.  I assumed Hernandez would too.  But from my super fast analysis of the situation as it's breaking, two things are very different here:

1. Cell phone usage (and the ability to track them) that wasn't mainstream back in 2000 really appears to be what's biting Hernandez in the ass on this one.

2. Hernandez seems to be a lot dumber than Lewis.

I really really hope the prosecution doesn't screw this up somehow; like mishandled evidence or a weird technicality found by Hernandez's million dollar lawyers that lets him walk.  It'll be a nice feeling to know that crime investigating technology has finally advanced to the point that high priced lawyers can't find a way around it.



  1. Either
    He's very lucky he didn't play for the Texans or Cowboys, since right now he'd be facing a death sentence.
    Too bad for him that he didn't play down here deep OUTTA the heart of Bristol.

  2. A major professional athlete on death row would be a first in American history, right?

  3. That's a good question, Mark.

    There have been a couple of boxers (Ivan de Jesus?) who've been connected with this kind of stuff.
    The kid from Baylor got 25 years on a plea about 10 years ago.

    If there is someone who'd faced that kind of a consequence, it was probably in baseball's early days. the Ty Cobb/Cap Anson types far outnumbered the Frank Merriwell-types like Christy Mathewson and Lou Gehrig.

    Sorry for the slow response -- I was waiting for an "Aha" moment, but it's not yet arrived.

    Oh, and your Wawa seems similar to the Buckey's that have been springing up down in these parts in recent years.

  4. Buckey's huh? In Texas? Are they anywhere else? Somebody also suggested a place to me in the south/west called "Sheets?"

  5. Don't know where else Buckey's may be -- don't travel much anymore.

    Sheets sounds like some place where you'd have a bachelor party.


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