Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Looking on the bright side of Boston's rough week in sports

This photo has been all over the internet today (although I added the giant "X"):

I'm going to argue things aren't really that bad at all:

1.  I'll start with the Patriots.  Yes, Aaron Hernandez is probably going to jail, and Rob Gronkowski  may never be healthy again (no, I don't think Tim Tebow-tight end is the answer).  But part of the reason New England's offense has been so dependent on TE's is because they knew they had two great ones.  They can easily go away from all the two tight end sets next year and try something else.  Maybe they'll do something crazy like line up Julain Edelman in the backfield along with Shane Vereen and Stephen Ridley?  They've had plenty of success without big name receivers alongside Brady in the past 12 years; they're the Patriots, they'll be just fine.

2.  Doc Rivers.  I wish Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett would never get old, and Doc would stay here and win titles with them forever.  The Celtics stretched it out longer than anyone ever thought they could with these guys.  But it doesn't make sense to have the highest paid coach in the league if you need to rebuild, not to mention that Doc had decided he wasn't interested in doing that.  Boston got a first round draft pick for a coach who wanted to leave anyway; that's a pretty darn good deal.

3.  The Bruins.  That was rough, I feel very sympathetic for the die hard fans here.  But hockey playoffs are a lot about luck (which is why an 8th seeded team like the Kings was able to win a championship last season), and it was miraculous that Boston was able to get by Toronto back in the first round.  The fact that they then made it all the way back to the Finals on the heals of taking the Stanley Cup two years ago is remarkable.

4.  Ray Allen.  I don't actually have anything for this one.  Him winning a title for the Heat (and saving LeBron's career in the process) just seems cruel and unfair.  But it's over, and it's time to move on.  The only major sport going on now is baseball, and the Red Sox are in first place.


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