Sunday, June 26, 2016

What's with Kelly Olynyk and this wacky tank top?

Since the Celtics season ended, I haven't really heard a thing about Kelly Olynyk.  He's not a free agent and he hasn't been a part of any trade rumors.  However, he has come across my Twitter feed on two occasions for his generally silly and playful demeanor.

The weird thing is, in both instances he was wearing the same bizarre tank top:

A video posted by Kelly Olynyk (@kellyolynyk) on

What's the deal, Kelly?

On another note, it looks like he's recovering well from shoulder surgery.

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  1. is it bad that I have a MASSIVE crush on him? and I mean massive too, I'm literally the most awkward girl ever where I'd probably not be able to mutter a single word to him except maybe "Hi Kelly" and nothing more. -Meg


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