Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NBA free agency tampering: Where do you draw the line between crab legs and $100 million?

This is a follow up to my post from two days ago, What's to stop super-rich fans or corporations from buying star free agents for their favorite teams? (Go read that first if you haven't already, or else this won't make any sense.)

It sparked a Twitter conversation yesterday that answers the question... sort of:

In theory, something like that could happen:

But here's the real deciding factor:

That's definitely true--the NBA is not the American legal system, there's no law that has to be proven one way or the other.  If the commissioner thinks something untoward is going on, he'll just step in and void the deal, or impose other penalties on the team guilty of trying to circumvent the salary cap (there actually is a rule about this).

But the question is, where does the league (Silver) draw the line?  Obviously Legal Sea Foods offering Kevin Durant unlimited crab legs is not an issue.  I doubt an overly-generous million-dollar endorsement would be either.  But $100 mil, on the other hand, clearly would raise red flags:

It's a very blurry line, and one that will only become harder and harder to define in the years ahead.

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